Health Ministry Foundation

Speranța Center

The purpose and mission of Speranta is to increase the level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in the Republic of Moldova, in accordance with the progress of medical science, in a professional manner and in the spirit of Christian ethics and morals.

The center promotes an integrated medical program – approaching the patient as a whole, with an emphasis on the natural lifestyle – based on current in-depth knowledge of human physiology. Its program consists of an avant-garde and scientific approach to factors which have a major impact on health and causes of chronic diseases: diet, prescription drugs, physical activity, blood pressure, serum cholesterol, blood sugar, C-reactive protein, chronic inflammation, unbalanced intestinal flora, and excess body weight.

Speranta offers rehabilitation services for chronic diseases: atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (ischemic heart disease, recovery from myocardial infarction), hypertension, diabetes, obesity, rheumatic diseases, stress-related disorders, as well as anti-stress programs, smoking cessation, addiction recovery, weight-loss programs, as well as primary care and dietary counseling.


Leova, Sărata Nouă 6324, Moldova

Phone: +37367652147