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Republishing the SDA Pioneers

Adventist Pioneer Library

The Adventist Pioneer Library is republishing the writings of the SDA pioneers in multiple languages and in various formats. The following counsel from the Spirit of Prophecy has been a key factor in establishing APL’s goals:

“Elder Loughborough’s book should receive attention. Our leading men should see what can be done for the circulation of this book” (Ellen G. White, Letter 105, 1903).

Herghelia Lifestyle Center

Health Institution

Development and Operating Fund for Herghelia Lifestyle Center in Romania since 1993, and its related projects:

  • Moldova: Hope Lifestyle Medicine Center (Site with English, Romanian, and Russian options)
  • Israel: Migdalia Lifestyle Center: Go to information on current need.
  • (Funds at times have assisted Bulgarian and Hungarian lifestyle programs as well.)

Ellen White Audio


Ellen White Audio focuses on narrating the writings of Ellen White and other SDA pioneers and distributing these narrations in multiple languages, all for free.

Fourth Angel/RLR Publishers

Righteousness by Faith and Religious Liberty

Committed to republishing the message of righteousness by faith and of religious liberty.

Fourth Angel Music Ministry

Draw Me Nearer music CD

Uplifting Christian music.

Migdalia Lifestyle Center

Helping people in Israel to achieve vibrant health

Migdalia Lifestyle Center is based in Israel and it helps people recover their health using evidence based natural remedies like massage, whole vegan diet, hydrotherapy procedures, exercise, sauna, and more. It offers daily health lectures and vegan cooking classes, as well as personal lifestyle counseling.


Helping people in Moldova to achieve vibrant health

Speranța Lifestyle Center is based in Moldova. Its program is designed to help prevent and revert chronic diseases by natural means, such as nutrition, excercise, water, sun, air, rest, and trust in God.

Eden Health Center

Helping people in the Czech Republic to achieve vibrant health

Eden Health Center is based in the Czech Republic and it helps people recover their health using the 8 natural remedies program.

Madison International

Madison International Training Center

Madison International Training Center is designed to train young people on practical working skills, such as agriculture, construction, wood work, etc., in addition to teaching them Adventist history and media (video, audio, webmastering, design), so that they can be self-supporting missionaries.