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Why yet another Bible translation? That’s the usual question—for there are many modern English translations available. In just about every case, no modern version is free. But the Free Bible Version is different. Through the Creative Commons license, the Free Bible Version can be used however one wants as long as it is identified as the Free Bible Version.


The Free Bible Version is based on the Nestle-Aland Greek text, the one used by the Bible Societies. The translator, Dr. Jonathan Gallagher, has a Ph.D in Divinity from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and has committed to working to produce the whole of the Bible in this new Free Bible Version. Once the translation from the Greek and Hebrew has been made, using just the text with lexicographical assistance, it is then compared with other versions for duplication or other issues. It is not a synthesis of other existing translations, nor is it based on previous translations done by others. The Free Bible Version does not attempt to reflect the beliefs of any specific faith community.



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