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Eden Health Center

Epicentrum zdravi EDEN is located in the Czech Republic on the periphery of the village of Lipnik, approximately 40 kilometers from the outskirts of Prague. Medical missionary work has had a fruitful history in the Czecho-Slovakian Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Since 1994 NEWSTART sessions have been held for thousands and health clubs for 10,000 people. The medical missionary school in conjunction with Springs of Health and Country Life Prague has helped to train hundreds of students for personal and public work in medical missionary lines. However, for a long time the team was unable to fully implement the vision of establishing a health center. A small group began promoting the concept in the church. For several years they prayed, planned, and searched for a suitable place for the sanitarium. Rented guesthouses served as gathering areas for NEWSTART sessions until 2003, when the ministry was offered a property for 25% of the original price. Thanks to the kindness of sponsors, the building was purchased and remodeling began.

Over time more people have joined the team. Today Epicentrum zdravi EDEN has a physician, farmer, two physical therapists, certified masseurs, and lifestyle counselors on staff. Since its inception, the ministry has been strongly influenced by Our Home Lifestyle Center and School, an OCI member ministry in Ukraine. Thanks to their example and influence, the staff have realized that the principles regarding sanitariums described by Ellen G. White work even in the 21st century!

Currently the ministry’s building is still under renovation, but the staff serves their village and three surrounding cities with health lectures. They also grow organic vegetables, and several people visit their gym to do rehabilitation exercises. The team plans to have the official opening in April of 2017. The main activity will include a 10-day session focused on:

  • High-risk factors, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity
  • Depression
  • Balanced nutrition and cooking classes
  • Spiritual restoration and regaining peace and joy


They would also like to establish a mobile library with 700 health-related books and open a health food and organic produce store in a nearby city, which would also serve to promote health clubs in the surrounding area.

No matter the activity, the aim is to help people gain better health and happiness by pointing them to the Savior.



Lipník 3
294 43 Lipník
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 734 437 435