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Eden Health Center

At the Eden Health Center guests experience rest, nature and recreation in the warm and sunny plain of the Elbe River, just 50 kilometers away from Prague.

Once a month the Center offers a 10-day “NEWSTART@ Lifestyle” program featuring the eight essential factors of a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, fresh air, rest and trust in God. Guests receive massages and Kneipp treatments as well as workshops and cooking courses that inspire lasting, life-changing decisions. The Eden Health Center specializes in Ukrainian’s pleasant and effective “Evmin’s Method” which helps to heal and repair the spine.

Guests are pampered by a vegan, whole-food diet which includes special Czech, Ukrainian and Slovakian meals. Ingredients for these come largely from the Center’s own farm and other regional farmers. Guests not only appreciate the simple, yet tastefully equipped rooms, but first and foremost the personal, loving care, of the Center’s professional staff.

This program is offered in English, German and Russian.



Lipník 3
294 43 Lipník
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 734 437 435