Health Ministry Foundation

How We Operate

Health Ministry Foundation, Inc. (HMF) supports several projects furthering the purpose for which it was originally granted 501(c)(3) status. The HMF Board of Directors review and approve each project initially and through ongoing reports provided. Directors are rarely involved personally in the medical missionary, and publishing work. Exceptions to this for Latter Rain Publishing and 4th Angel Ministry are detailed below. All of HMF’s projects are funded via donation.

One branch of ministry support is for Christian sponsored health and wellness centers. Four principal centers which HMF helped initiate and periodically still support on a project basis are the Herghelia Health and Lifestyle Center located in Romania. HMF has helped them with satellite centers in Moldova – Hope Lifestyle Medicine Center, in the Czech Republic – Eden Health Center and in Israel – Migdalia Lifestyle Center. A medical missionary school also operates under the Herghelia umbrella. Medical missionary work is also being undertaken in select countries currently closed to other types of gospel/missionary work. It is the goal of HMF that each of the institutions it initially assists become self-supporting endeavors.

Another branch of ministry HMF supports is Adventist Pioneer Library (APL) and Ellen White Audio (EGW Audio). APL-EGW Audio focus on narrating and distributing Ellen White and other Seventh-day Adventist pioneer books in multiple languages and in various formats (print books, audiobooks, and ebooks: PDF, ePub, Mobi). HMF is currently supporting the establishment of a training school in Brazil that trains individuals from all over the world to be able to start up similar programs in their respective countries.

HMF periodically supports Free Bible Ministry which publishes a new Greek to English translation under a Creative Commons license as opposed to a more restrictive copyright version.

HMF also supports individual health workers and missionaries that teach health and wellness, marriage counseling, and bring the Gospel to unreached people groups in the United States and abroad.

HMF has in the past, currently is supporting and intends to similarly fund in the future funds to publishing ministries of the literary works of modern authors whose literary works address the theology and history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This has been and will be done through doing business as (dba) Fourth Angel and Return of the Latter Rain Publishers. One director or more may at times participate in preparing publications or participating in medical missionary work.