Health Ministry Foundation

Herghelia Mission School

Herghelia Mission School was established 20 years ago, with a single purpose – to train medical missionary workers, capable of spreading the gospel in a variety of ways. Students from Europe, USA, Canada, South-America, Africa, Australia and Asia have graduated to work in hospitals and clinics, vegetarian restaurants, and in mission fields. Graduates have facilitated health camps, children’s programs, cooking classes, and NEWSTART programs. Classes are taught by nurses, physicians, missionaries, and teachers from Romania and abroad. Courses are taught in English or in Romanian, with translation. The training program combines study and practical community service. Since 2021 a nursing school has been added to the curriculum, based on the principle of the medical missionary work. The three-year nursing school’s training program is recognized by the state and graduates will be able to work as nurses anywhere in Europe. Unique to this program is training in lifestyle medicine.


CSMPR Herghelia, OP Ceaușu de Câmpie, 547144, Târgu Mureș

Tel.: +4.0754.390.183