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Narrated Books in MP3 A. T. Jones Lessons on Faith The Third Angel’s Message (1893) El Mensaje del Tercer Ángel (1893) (Spanish “Third Angel’s Message”) The Third Angel’s Message (1895) The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection Camino Consagrado a la Perfección Cristiana (Spanish “Consecrated Way”) What is Patriotism in the United States E. J. Waggoner Lessons on Faith Christ […]

William Warren Prescott

William Warren Prescott (1855-1944) W. W. Prescott was an educator and administrator. His parents were Millerites in New England. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1877. He served as principal of high schools in Vermont, and published and edited newspapers in Maine and Vermont prior to accepting the presidency of Battle Creek College (1885 to […]

Ellet Joseph Waggoner

Dr. Ellet J. Waggoner (1855-1916) In 1884 E. J. Waggoner became assistant editor of the Signs of the Times, under his father, J. H. Waggoner. Two years later, he and A. T. Jones became editors of the same journal, Waggoner remaining in the position until 1891. At the 1888 General Conference session in Minneapolis, Minnesota, […]

Alonzo Trevier Jones

Alonzo T. Jones 1850-1923 At age 20, A. T. Jones began three years of service in the Army. Interestingly enough, he spent much of his time pouring over large historical works, SDA publications, and the Bible. He was baptized when he left the Army, and began preaching on the West Coast. In May, 1885, he […]

James S. White

James Springer White 1821-1881 In his youth James White was a school teacher. He later became a Christian minister in Maine. He accepted William Miller’s views on the second advent and was successful in preaching the doctrine of the soon coming of the Savior. He was a talented and capable executive, missionary leader, and powerful […]

Ellen G. White

Ellen G. White (1827-1915) Ellen Harmon was born in Gorham, Maine. Ellen and her family first heard William Miller preach in 1840. She was converted at a Methodist camp meeting that same year, and was baptized two years later. In December of 1844, Ellen received her first vision, regarding the travels of the advent people […]

Joseph Harvey Waggoner

Joseph Harvey Waggoner 1820-1889 Though a man with little formal education, J. H. Waggoner was a giant in literary accomplishments, a master of Greek and Hebrew, a knowledgeable theologian, an accomplished editor, a pioneer in health reform and religious liberty, and a tower of strength as a pioneer in the closing message of truth. When […]

George Storrs

George Storrs (1796-1879) Born in New Hampshire, George Storrs was converted and joined the Congregational Church at the age of 19. He felt called to preach, and joined the Methodist ministry in 1825 through the influence of a godly Methodist minister. He preached much about slavery, even being arrested in 1835 while praying for the […]